College Professional Associations

Clubs and associations that have a direct correlation with the major of your dreams. Whether it’s Medicine, Engineering, Science, Law, Business, or Pharmacy, be rest assured you'll find what you are looking for here.


Community & Culture

Alfaisal University is proud to give back to the community in any shape or form possible. That is done through clubs and these clubs work tirelessly. Culture is very important to us here at Alfaisal and since Alfaisal is one of the most diverse Universities in the Kingdom and we take pride in that. These Clubs maintain and advertise the Saudi Culture as well as other cultures worldwide.



These clubs focus on providing ideas, resources, means, workshops, and events to give each student with a dream of owning a business a reality by giving them a chance to either develop their products, sell their products, and focus on building leaders for tomorrow.


Art & Creativity

Art is a hobby to most and many like to pursue it. Here at Alfaisal, we like to help students maintain those hobbies by providing clubs that focus on many different types of Art. If your passion is drawing, writing, filming, etc., then this is the section for you.



In this section, you will find many different sports that the student body at Alfaisal enjoys participating in. Whether it’s Football, Basketball, Equestrian, chess as well as Volleyball, we have it all. These clubs are used to develop sportsmanship, foster bonds between students as well as attempt to build a healthier student body.

Prof.Hend T. Alsudairy
Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Admissions & Registration

Dear Students
Welcome to Alfaisal University, we are thrilled to have you joining Alfaisal community, I am sure all students are excited for the experiences they are to have here and the unique impact each of you will have on this University. Your journey at Alfaisal University is not limited to the classroom, as you will be exposed to new ideas and paths while meeting role models with experiences, and backgrounds that open new potential ideas for you. We consider that as opportunities and a new engagement also a way to learn and grow during your years at the university. Students Affairs is committed to reorganize, cooperate and find programs to maintain the best services for students. For example, the Counselling Unit on Campus is found to contributes to the physical and psychological well-being of all students on campus and to facilitate student’s engagement in collaboration with academic support services to help students bring the best in them and achieve their academic and personal goals. The success center aims at helping students with their academic difficulties. extracurricular activities are a major aspect of Alfaisal, all students are encouraged to participate in them. And that includes many channels like: athletic and inspirational events, student development workshops, and volunteering either on campus and community. At Alfaisal we believe in you, we will be always ready for you every step of your journey either in challenging moments or rejoicing your successes.